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Skin Experts

At Simply Secret we believe "CUSTOMER'S FIRST" & to deliver services, We ensure you know your skin better and for the unmatched customer experience.

In 4 simple steps, you get to know your skin care regime just like that.

Step 1:-WhatsApp/Hike us +917605805338. You can also send us your details via

Step 2:- Share your clean and non-filtered photos for an honest review 

Step 3:- Problems your skin suffer eg. acne, redness, pimples, dry skin etc. To serve you better do mention if there are any doctor consultation going on or not.

Step 4:- Our Skin Care Expert/counselor helps you guide to understand your skin better and suggests you the best product/remedy to cure your skin.




1. Is it compulsory to buy your product after talking to the skin care expert?

⇒ Absolutely Not, Simply Secret believes in customers first/skin first policy. It's a free consultation valid and open to all. In fact, there are many cases our customers don't actually buy our products. Because they are generally looking for a healthy skin customers or under medication by a dermatologist.

2. Can Medicated people take help?

⇒ Indeed Yes, You can as our skin care experts are Dermatologists themselves and always available at help, As we proudly say, Our doors and help lines are available to all customers(Medicated/non-medicated). It doesn't really matter we are always Happy2Help. However, we strongly recommend not to use any product during a dermatologists medication as it may result in disruption on your skin.

3.Are there any fees on the skin care expert applied?

⇒ No, We don't charge anything as we believe in the policy of equal help and trade. As it goes "All Skin Care Sessions are free" and we are always "Happy2Help".

4. Can we talk to the expert via Phone?

⇒ Yes, You can !! We all have communication issues be it the internet or sometimes random troubles.That's why calling feature is "open to all" however you may have to hold the line for a few minutes as our experts may be busy on another call or attending other patients.or "our customers".

But that said, nothing comes free of cost ie. Carrier or Telecom charges may apply as per your regional or guidelines by the Operator.

5. Are DIY more effective than that of sold other products sold in markets?

⇒Absolutely YES, DIY is more powerful better & made up of raw ingredients so its more effective whereas market facials/products contain harmful chemical emulsifiers which often lead to skin cancer.








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